NeuroMetrix Announces Diabetic Neuropathy Scientific Advisory Board

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NeuroMetrix Announces Diabetic Neuropathy Scientific Advisory Board
NeuroMetrix Announces Diabetic Neuropathy Scientific Advisory Board

WALTHAM, Mass., Mar 21, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

NeuroMetrix, Inc. (Nasdaq: NURO) announced today that it has formed a scientific advisory board of international experts to help guide the scientific, clinical and market development of its diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) test. The device is a modified version of the Company's well established NC-stat® nerve conduction study (NCS) system. It is designed to quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively measure sural nerve conduction velocity, a well established quantitative biomarker for DPN, thereby providing the opportunity for earlier and better targeted clinical intervention.

"We are honored that this eminent group of international leaders in the detection, management, and treatment of the neurological complications of diabetes have joined our scientific advisory board," said Shai N. Gozani M.D., PhD., President and Chief Executive Officer of NeuroMetrix. "We look forward to working closely with our advisory board to address the unmet need for better detection and monitoring of DPN."

The members of the scientific advisory board include:

David G. Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD
Dr. Armstrong is Professor of Surgery at the University of Arizona and is co-founder of the Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA). He has broad research interests that include the prevention and management of diabetic foot ulcers. Dr. Armstrong was selected as one of the first six International Wound Care Ambassadors and in 2010 became the youngest ever recipient of the American Diabetes Association's (ADA) Roger Pecoraro Award, which is considered the highest honor in the field of amputation prevention and wound healing. He has authorized hundreds of scientific and clinical articles, including co-authorship of the ADA's position statement on the diabetic foot.

Andrew J.M. Boulton , MRCP (UK), MD, FRCP
Dr. Boulton has academic appointments in both the UK and US. He is Professor of Medicine, University of Manchester and Consultant Physician, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester, UK; and Professor of Medicine, Diabetes Research Institute, University of Miami. His research interests are focused on diabetic complications, particularly diabetic neuropathy and the diabetic foot. Dr. Boulton has chaired multiple US and European expert panels evaluating diabetes care, and is currently Vice-President of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD). Dr. Boulton has published hundreds of scientific, clinical, and review articles in these areas, including co-authorship of the ADA's position statements on diabetic neuropathies and the diabetic foot.

Neil H. Brooks, MD, FAAFP
Dr. Brooks is Medical Director at Vernon Manor Health Care, a large recovery and rehabilitation center. Dr. Brooks is past president and past chairman of the board (1998-99) of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). He has had extensive involvement with the American Medical Association (AMA) with respect to long range planning, CPT development, and RUC. Dr. Brooks has a deep interest in diabetes, particularly as it relates to better management of these patients within primary care.

Bruce A. Perkins, MD, MPH, FRCP©
Dr. Perkins is Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, Canada. His research interests focus on diabetes biomarkers and interventions for prevention of diabetes complications. Dr. Perkins is an expert contributor to multiple US, Canadian, and international diabetes organizations. Dr. Perkins received an early career scholarship from the Canadian Diabetes Association for his research in diabetic neuropathy. Among his many publications, Dr. Perkins has authored widely referenced papers on diagnostic and screening methods for diabetic neuropathy, including the role and relative merits of monofilament testing, vibration assessment, and nerve conduction studies.

Solomon Tesfaye, MB ChB, MD, FRCP (UK)
Dr. Tesfaye is Consultant Physician/Endocrinologist at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, UK and Honorary Professor of Diabetic Medicine at the University of Sheffield. His research interests include diabetic neuropathy and the pathophysiology and treatment of neuropathic pain. Dr. Tesfaye is chairman of the International Expert Consensus Group on Diabetic Neuropathy and the immediate past Chairman of NEURODIAB, the largest scientific diabetic neuropathy study group in the world. Among his many publications, Dr. Tesfaye was the leading author on a widely referenced study of vascular risk factors and diabetic neuropathy published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Aaron I. Vinik, MD, PhD, FCP, FACP
Dr. Vinik is Professor of Medicine, Pathology, and Neurobiology and Director of Research at the Neuroendocrine Unit of the Strelitz Diabetes Center for Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA. He is involved in both basic and clinical research related to diabetic neuropathy. His contributions include defining the heterogeneity of neuropathy, pioneering studies on the relationship between neuropathy, autoimmunity, and cell toxicity, and developing the Norfolk Quality of Life tool. Dr. Vinik has been centrally involved in numerous clinical trials investigating diabetic neuropathy therapies. Among his hundreds of published papers, Dr. Vinik was co-author of the ADA's position statement on diabetic neuropathies.

Dan Ziegler, MD, FRCPE
Dr. Ziegler holds multiple academic appointments including as Professor of Medicine at the Institute for Clinical Diabetology, German Diabetes Center at the Heinrich Heine University, and the Department of Metabolic Diseases, University Hospital, Düsseldorf, Germany. His research includes studies of the pathophysiology, prevention, and treatment of diabetic neuropathies. Dr. Ziegler served as Chairman of NEURODIAB, was a leading investigator in various clinical trials assessing diabetic neuropathy treatments and has participated in leading expert panels establishing clinical guidelines related to diabetic neuropathy and pain in both Germany and the US. Among his numerous publications, Dr. Ziegler was editor of the "Textbook of Diabetic Neuropathy" and co-author of the ADA's position statement on diabetic neuropathies.

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